Jen Buehler-Shabbir

I love helping people make their homes and commercial spaces beautiful reflections of their personal taste and aspirations. I make window treatments, pillows, custom bedding, pillows, cushion covers, patio furniture cushions, and do small upholstery.

I learned how to sew at the age of 12 from my mother. She figured it would be an excellent life skill and she was so right! I’ve always enjoyed making useful and beautiful things from a pile of fabric.

After a brief dalliance with fine art, I turned back towards craftsmanship and got a degree in technical theater, specializing in props design and construction. Post-university, I dabbled in a few career paths and kept coming back to sewing. I started my business in Lake Tahoe, Ca. in 1998 and it moved with me to Sonoma and San Francisco. Finally, in 2009, I moved to my current home of Portland, Oregon with my charming husband Amar.

Please get in touch with me any time if you would like to discuss how to make your decor dreams a reality!